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31 December 2008 @ 12:54 am
Well, well, here I am xDDD  
Lmao totally out of boredom, I must say. It's terrible, the end of the year. The internet gets boooring, 'cause people are all travelling or sth (specially in my country, since it's summer and everone goes to the beach), and there aren't really many news to see around. Oh well, nothing that my The Sims 2 can't solve, for a while xD HAHAHAHA.

I usually make a balance about how my year was, when it's this time of the year. I don't really, know, thought, what to say about this year! Lmao, true, I don't know. This was actually a really great year for me. Really, I mean... I didn't think it'd be so good when it was still beginning, but it was. Of course, many bad things happened. I got utterly dissapointed with things and with some people, with people who said and still say to be my friends, but aren't THAT friend at all and... and well, I could make an essay about it, but I won't. I guess this was actually the only bad thing that happened to me, this year. This dissapointment with some friends, 'cause the rest was really awesome. I eman, really.. college was great, I got a job and even if it didn't last long, it was really good for me. I got to travel to a place that I LOVE, and I will go again in January, what will make my beginnign of 2009 already to be good. I saw Miyavi live, I got to work as a staff for the Toshi with T-EARTH LIVE and had the chance to meet the boys from Charlotte once again (and they reminded me form last year, what was even sweeter!) AND meet Toshi from X-Japan himself... and I can't still believe he's shorter than me, but OKAY XD LMAO~ And.. oh man, I dunno.. the cons that are always nice, in a way or another... having the company of my best friends, what is always just plain awesome... my family getting more united as well, and so on, so on... as I said, for me, this was a really good year. And next year - that'll start this week xD - already promisses to be even BETTER! Come on, it'll already start with my favourite con of the whole year, I'll get to see my darlings (Gê e todo mundo, essa é rpa vcs! XD) who live far away and we can't get to see each other that much... I'LL SEE KAGRRA, LIVE IN FEBRUARY!! HOW cool is that, huh??? HOPEFULLY next year I'll find a nice job and get some more money, to buy my things and help mom at home and all, so yeah... I'm really looking forward to it xDDDD NOT TO MENTION that I got to know some silly but cool things (like Kuroshitsuji) this year that will continue to make me outbreak next year and the year next and so on, and this was just plain awesome as well k333333

BUT I REMINDED of another bad thing that happened this year. And I guess I never mentioned it here, and I don't even know HOW COME I didn't do so until now. You see, the thing is that I surrended to the popularity of the whole thing and read the famous Twilight book. yes, the one that everyone all around talks about, nowdays, with Robert Pattinson on i'ts mvoie and blahblahblah. I can say that, by far, this was the worse thing that happened to me. Honestly. I want to make it clear that THIS IS MY opinion, but man... how come people can go so crazy over a so bad-written book? Like, really? Twilight FANFICS are better than the books itself! Come on, a vampire that SPARKLES under the sunlight?? That can make people pregnant even though vampires are DEAD BODIES??? The annoying mary sue called Bella Swan and the also annoying Edward Cullen, both falling in love with each other just because she thinks he's too fucking gorgeous and he's a crazy obssessed for her bloodtype and doesn't let her have a personal life. Wow, what a boyfriend. Not to mention the necessity that Smeyer had to mention famous things all around the book, to get the reader more attached to it, showing how OH SO HUMAN, JUST LIKE THE READER Bella Swan is. Because, of course, everyone'd react so naturally when figuring out the guy she "likes" is a vampire. Yeah, sure.
I even tried to read New Moon, but it's first 34 pages made me hate it even MORE than the whole Twilight book itself! Please, don't get me wrong, I respect the people who like it, but for me it's such a poor, fail book! I don't see anything special on it, I actually see only TOTAL FAILURE, and I honestly can't understand how come people love it so much. Lmao, not to mention that some (and here I say SOME, not ALL) of the fans - the said TWILIGHTERS - are just plain brainless. Kinda reminds me of Gazette's fanbase, lmao xD

Talking about random things.. well.. making more cosplays, as always xD graduated on a level of Japanese, and even though I missed the JLPT test, I'm not really minding xDD HAHAHA And wanting january to come soon. Also, I changed my layout a bit.. just the header and bg, not the codes. Changed my profile, 'cause I was tired of that old style of mine, changed a bit my userpics AAND it's about that! New year, new Lj style, huh? Lmao~

Anyway! I guess that, for someone who didn't know what to say and all, I wrote a lot. As always xD So I'm going, here♥ I'll probably make a post tomorrow and on January 1st, so see you guys then xDD

Buhbyye~~ ♥
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