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Anne ~ ルキ
17 September 2013 @ 08:34 am

Because the greatest happiness in life is not only living what you thought to be an impossible dream, but also help to make it happen.

For 10 years this was the biggest and most important and meaningful dream I have ever had and now it finally happened.

This was the best day of my entire life and always, always will be.
Anne ~ ルキ
02 January 2009 @ 03:37 am
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Anne ~ ルキ
31 December 2008 @ 02:53 pm
Okay, so, like I said... I came here now to wish everyoen a REALLY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Before January 1st, it's true, btu I'll have lots of things to do tomorrow and I dunno if I'll be able to come here, as planned. AND since it's already 2009 in some parts of the world, it's valid! xDDDDDD

As I mentioend on the past - and HUGE - entry, my eyar of 2008 was really good and I hope you guys had an awesome year too. Even if you didn't, then I hope 2009 to be a good year for you all, and thatw e can achieve the things we are aiming to.

Thanks so much for everyone, for being so sweet and all and commenting, even though I usually dissapear from livejournal xDDD Lmao, thank you all so much!

Btw, from now on, I decided to make this livejournal to be a Friends Only one. Not 'cause I've got something to hide, but because there are some things that, because of my work, I can't say out in public for everyone to read. And in order to keep it to a minimun of safeness, I shall do that, then, hope no one minds >< ANYWAY! HAHAHAHA!

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Anne ~ ルキ
31 December 2008 @ 12:54 am
Lmao totally out of boredom, I must say. It's terrible, the end of the year. The internet gets boooring, 'cause people are all travelling or sth (specially in my country, since it's summer and everone goes to the beach), and there aren't really many news to see around. Oh well, nothing that my The Sims 2 can't solve, for a while xD HAHAHAHA.

I usually make a balance about how my year was, when it's this time of the year. I don't really, know, thought, what to say about this year! Lmao, true, I don't know. This was actually a really great year for me. Really, I mean... I didn't think it'd be so good when it was still beginning, but it was. Of course, many bad things happened. I got utterly dissapointed with things and with some people, with people who said and still say to be my friends, but aren't THAT friend at all and... and well, I could make an essay about it, but I won't. I guess this was actually the only bad thing that happened to me, this year. This dissapointment with some friends, 'cause the rest was really awesome. I eman, really.. college was great, I got a job and even if it didn't last long, it was really good for me. I got to travel to a place that I LOVE, and I will go again in January, what will make my beginnign of 2009 already to be good. I saw Miyavi live, I got to work as a staff for the Toshi with T-EARTH LIVE and had the chance to meet the boys from Charlotte once again (and they reminded me form last year, what was even sweeter!) AND meet Toshi from X-Japan himself... and I can't still believe he's shorter than me, but OKAY XD LMAO~ And.. oh man, I dunno.. the cons that are always nice, in a way or another... having the company of my best friends, what is always just plain awesome... my family getting more united as well, and so on, so on... as I said, for me, this was a really good year. And next year - that'll start this week xD - already promisses to be even BETTER! Come on, it'll already start with my favourite con of the whole year, I'll get to see my darlings (Gê e todo mundo, essa é rpa vcs! XD) who live far away and we can't get to see each other that much... I'LL SEE KAGRRA, LIVE IN FEBRUARY!! HOW cool is that, huh??? HOPEFULLY next year I'll find a nice job and get some more money, to buy my things and help mom at home and all, so yeah... I'm really looking forward to it xDDDD NOT TO MENTION that I got to know some silly but cool things (like Kuroshitsuji) this year that will continue to make me outbreak next year and the year next and so on, and this was just plain awesome as well k333333

BUT I REMINDED of another bad thing that happened this year. And I guess I never mentioned it here, and I don't even know HOW COME I didn't do so until now. You see, the thing is that I surrended to the popularity of the whole thing and read the famous Twilight book. yes, the one that everyone all around talks about, nowdays, with Robert Pattinson on i'ts mvoie and blahblahblah. I can say that, by far, this was the worse thing that happened to me. Honestly. I want to make it clear that THIS IS MY opinion, but man... how come people can go so crazy over a so bad-written book? Like, really? Twilight FANFICS are better than the books itself! Come on, a vampire that SPARKLES under the sunlight?? That can make people pregnant even though vampires are DEAD BODIES??? The annoying mary sue called Bella Swan and the also annoying Edward Cullen, both falling in love with each other just because she thinks he's too fucking gorgeous and he's a crazy obssessed for her bloodtype and doesn't let her have a personal life. Wow, what a boyfriend. Not to mention the necessity that Smeyer had to mention famous things all around the book, to get the reader more attached to it, showing how OH SO HUMAN, JUST LIKE THE READER Bella Swan is. Because, of course, everyone'd react so naturally when figuring out the guy she "likes" is a vampire. Yeah, sure.
I even tried to read New Moon, but it's first 34 pages made me hate it even MORE than the whole Twilight book itself! Please, don't get me wrong, I respect the people who like it, but for me it's such a poor, fail book! I don't see anything special on it, I actually see only TOTAL FAILURE, and I honestly can't understand how come people love it so much. Lmao, not to mention that some (and here I say SOME, not ALL) of the fans - the said TWILIGHTERS - are just plain brainless. Kinda reminds me of Gazette's fanbase, lmao xD

Talking about random things.. well.. making more cosplays, as always xD graduated on a level of Japanese, and even though I missed the JLPT test, I'm not really minding xDD HAHAHA And wanting january to come soon. Also, I changed my layout a bit.. just the header and bg, not the codes. Changed my profile, 'cause I was tired of that old style of mine, changed a bit my userpics AAND it's about that! New year, new Lj style, huh? Lmao~

Anyway! I guess that, for someone who didn't know what to say and all, I wrote a lot. As always xD So I'm going, here♥ I'll probably make a post tomorrow and on January 1st, so see you guys then xDD

Buhbyye~~ ♥
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Anne ~ ルキ
12 December 2008 @ 02:47 am
Finally will graduate on one of the levels in japanese, my trip will actually happen and I'm fucking happy, Kagrra coming to Brazil and the realization I'll fucking see Nao and Shin live, Kuroshitsuji and our cosplays of it that are getting SO fucking gorgeous and our team'll look so cool, finding the Yu Yu Hakusho musics in portuguese (thanks Jana yuu_gazerockfor the link XDD), Leech cosplay on the way, AoixRuki, along with a few more things... HAHAH MAN, I'll get drowned in so many outbreaks on the same day xD

But I love it♥
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Current Music: Kagrra, - Uzu
Anne ~ ルキ
03 December 2008 @ 05:42 pm
SO stole it form kotoba_owari XDDD

100 questionnzzzCollapse )
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Anne ~ ルキ
01 December 2008 @ 01:58 am
December 1st already xD In exactly one month, I'll get older... and... MAN, how come time ran by so fast??? Sometimes it does scare me, hahaha xDD

I wanted to post here, but I dunno what to say xD Lmao I don't have many news. I.. did the last exams from my japanese classes, last weekend. now I just have to knwo if I did well, so I can go to the next level and receive my certification and all XDD And next weeked, I have the JLPT and I haven't studied at all!! XD LMAO not that I'm THAT worried, really, I gave up worryign about this exam now XDDDDDDDDD All i want is for my trip to come, 'cause seriously.. I need ot get out fo my city, even if it's just for a week. I need to get far from the strees here and relax a bit, so I can come back fully recovered and ready for more xD hahaha.

Otehr than that... got my Sebastian cosplay, gotta start buying things for Leech.. AAAND i'm currently obssessed and in a crazy want for a Ruki minimee bjd XDD MAN, i wish theyw ere still doing it, and that I was rich enough to buy one, it's all so gorgeous >< BJDs aren't that cool anymore after I found about about these minimees, they just rule the world XDD

Anyway xD buhbyye for now xD Just neede dot be random~
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Anne ~ ルキ
15 November 2008 @ 03:22 pm
And on the contrary of my title in portuguese, I'll writte in english xD

Gosh, I just got on the internet and saw that whole fuss happening because of Gazette's surprise live broadcast, and maaaaan!! What can I say about that??

First, that they are my favourite band EVER. Like, really. They're fucking CRAZY for doing a live in the middle of Shinjuku, free for anyone there to see, at night, KNOWING that the police'd come and interrupt the live, KNOWING that they wouldn't play more than two musics (even because, c'mon, do you really think Ruki, "calm" as he is, would've left the stff to grab him out like that without knowing what's going on?), and still doing anyway. Like... it was FUCKING COOL and all I wanted was to be there, so I could have seen this xDDD REALLY.

Second: I'VE NEVER seen a band do what they did, and even thought being a REALLY insane idea, it was fucking awesome, and I loved the fact that, even knowing the risks and KNOWING that the police'd come already, they wanted to risk and do such a thing. Like, man... really, it was fucking awesome. I've seen some people sayign that they didn't know the police would come. Guys, of course they knew xDD Every good japanese knows that it is forbidden to do such a thing, because it disturbes those kind of silence laws, you know? Those laws that don't allow loud nopises and parties and lives and stuff on the streets after a certain hour, because it bugs on the people who are trying to get some calm and good rest, after a rough day of work. Aoi even waved to the public, man, he knew it was going to happen xDD 'cause honestly, if I know about such a thing, and I'm not japanese, it's obivous they would know. Even because, guys... look at the name the band themselves were calling the live of xDDDD hahaha they so knew the police would come. I guess they didn't expect it to be SO SOON, but they knew it would~

After watching the videos and such, I've browsed around to see the discussion that was going on. And I did see many posts and blah of fans getting angry with them, because the live was so short XDD LMAO, and I dunno, about that... I think people should calm down a bit, breath and think. EVERYBODY XD People who are angry with the band AND people that are angry with the ones angry with the band. HAHAHAHA. For you see, I guess both sides are right and wrong. I guess that bashing over the band, getting pissed with them and calling them bad names is a stupid thing to do. I guess we all must give some respect and INDEED be happy that at leats we've got the chance to see them for a bit. However, I guess that fans also have the right of being upset for just for 10 minutes, after probably a whole day waiting to see them there. Like, it's kinda the same as if you've waited on a line to get into a Gazette live for a whole week, 24/7, and when you get to see them, they walk up on the stage, say just "hi, everyone, nice to see you" and go out xD Like, WTF? I chop my arm off if ANYONE dare saying that they wouldn't get upset. I know I would xD I don't think that BASHING the band is a nice thing to do when something like this happens, it is actually really shitty XDDDDDDDD But I guess that getting upset with the fact is okay. As long s you keep some respect and don't bash the band, there's nothing wrong in getting upset with something they did and I see nothing wrong with the fans being like that xD nor do I think they should drop out of the fandom for not being realy fans nor anything like that.

After all, and I really love saying this, you don't have to bow to EVERYTHING the band say and do, you don't have to love everythign they do, to be their real fan xD Paying the anual fee for the Hereys fanclub doesn't make me more fan than my friends who aren't members, just because I have acces to the blogs they post at once eveyr three months xD Seriously. I dislike a lot of their musics, I don't like some things they do, some things that they say, but it's not because I don't like it, that I'm not a true and real Gazette fan xD Or that I'm not as fan as someone who adores everything about them and bow to everything about them. I think people like this are rather retard, actually xD Because honestly, they're not gods. And having some personality, matury and own opinion, enough not to bow to them as if they were the most perfect thing on earth, is always good.

Btw I dare anyone to come and say that I'm not a realy Gazette fan, honestly XDD Only someone REALLY retarded or someone that loves them beyond anything, would have the guts of tattooing the name of one of the bandmembers on the body. And I can ASURE YOU that retarded is the last thing that I am♥

Anyway... I sitll think that it was fucking cool, the insanity that Gazette did XDDDD And I lvoe them even more for that♥ And now I'll go 'cause I still have a lovely saturdya afternoon to enjoy of xDD

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Anne ~ ルキ
12 November 2008 @ 03:29 am
You know, God gives wings for beings who really don't know how to fly. Nor ever will learn nor are even INTERESTED in learning how to fly. And I can't say how this makes me goddamn angry, upset and the like xD Some people really don't deserve what they got. Specially when they are so fucking egoist and are thinking they're the best people ever, just because they're doign what they are doing and are where they are. My only relief is to know that, fortunelly, dreams like this always have and end, and I so look forward for these shitty peolpe to fuck themselevs, when they dreamland is over XDDDDDDDDDD Because they really aren't worth what they've got.

In other words, I REALLY hoep that that Special Section of Heresy's pgae is back xD LALALA I will pretend that it is just because they are updating everything of the GazettE's site, and are currently updating that part XDD 'Cause man, really, it'll be fucked up if they took taht away. I mean, we barely have ANYTHING to see on that damn site, and then they go and take off one of the best parts??? xDDD oh, come on! I'll kick their butts.

Anyhoo. I'm thinking about changing my profile layout... AND my LJ layout, but I dunno which pic I should use. Actually, there isn't any pic I REALLY want to use, but who knows?? I'm in a graphics mood, and this new Aoi and Ruki video totally inspired me xD So let's see what I get.
Also, I dunno if I posted this here before, but yeah, I've made Reila Ruki cosplay xDDDDDD you can check it over on my deviantART: http://rukisama.livejournal.com

Aaand that's all, folks!
Sorry for the typos *way too lazy to correct*
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Anne ~ ルキ
05 November 2008 @ 02:39 am

Even not being american, I must say that even I was anxious for this result. And couldn't be more happy for it, really. I really hope Obama brings the change he's been talking so much about, and I do think he'll do it.

YES, for a fucking decent president, Go Obama! XD I wish we had candidates like him in my country LMAOO Since here we're oligated to vote and all the canditates SUCK... haha it'd be ncie to have an Obama here XDDDDD

Anyway! XDD
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